our special
rc cars on track

special attraction at this place is rc cars eigther you takes or you takes mine rc cars we are waiting for talent full throttle off road rc cars

No slope is too steep, no ridge too narrow. We're here to take on the world. Join us to have adventure beyond limit .why we all go to 1000 km away to have adventure .because atv is in noida now


We don't need pavement to explore -- all we need is a bike and a destination. Join us on our daily bike rides, or sign up for our weeklong excursions in some of the most remote territory.we have experience of all biking stuff.we believe in safety we beleive in gears we recommend perecaution. atv biking in Noida atv adventure in Noida Atv Circuit in Noida



We ride the slag heap

                                 ​atv biking team